My May: Wild Flowers

We love traveling around Australia and this trip took us up north from our home in Northam through the wildflower towns of Buntine, Perenjorie, Morawa on the way up to Shark Bay. These photos were all taken on the inland roads.

This is the main wildflower that many travellers hunt for because it is not only beautiful but grows exactly like a real wreath that you would buy in shops.  It is one of the many wonders of nature. Yes, that is why it is called the Wreath flower.

Wreath flower near Morawa WA

There are also many different types of wattle growing in Western Australia. I loved this one because it has a solid flower and comes in a vibrant yellow.

Beautiful Wattyl

I am not sure but believe this to be the  “Thelymitra villosa” Custard Orchard although it could even be a tiger Lilly.  This one does not have all its petals, so I could be wrong.

Custard Orchard  Thelymitra villosa

There are so many other wildflowers to see, which you can see here May: Wild Flower photography  Challenge

Wildflower Trip Stage 1- Perth to Buntine Rocks

Travelers flock to Western Australia to see our beautiful wildflowers from all over the world.   The best time to see these will depend on the weather, usually from July to November although this year a few have already made there appearance. Thousands of people travel in their mobile homes from the Eastern States every year to capture some of these with their camera.

We spent weeks enjoying a budget trip through these wildflower areas a couple of years ago. So I thought I would share these with you.

Look out for the many different varieties of Wattles
Look out for the many different varieties of Wattles on your drive

Perth to Goomalling 

Before you leave why not boil the kettle and fill up your thermos with some hot coffee and a batch of freshly cooked scones.  That will save you spending money at the roadhouses.  Now head up the Great Eastern Highway up Green mount through Mundaring and into Northam.

Beautful Bright Colors
Beautiful Bright Colors

Once there take a rest next to the Avon River and enjoy your coffee and scones.  Capture photos of the beautiful white swans and many other birds.

Now head off towards Goomalling along the Northam – Pithara Road. Have a look around the lovely town of Goomalling. If you have never been through here before and prefer to stop the night they have a great Caravan park and reasonable rates. Powered sites $30 pn (concession $20 pn) Un powered sites $15 pn (concession $10 pn)

Outside Goomalling Station
Outside Goomalling Station

Goomalling to Buntine Rocks

Continue heading north to Wongan Hills which is the start of the wildflower areas. You are now approximately 180 k’s from Perth.  At different times 1400 species of wildflower and shrubs can be seen here with 24 which are unique to Wongan Hills only. If staying at Caravan park you may want to check out the famous Christmas Rock Trail.

Powered sites $24  un-powered $20.  Extra discounts for Caravan club members. If not stopping the night continue on after a refreshing coffee along the road north through Dallwallinu.  Turn left onto the Mullewa – Wubin Road and follow the directions up to Buntine and the beautiful Buntine Rocks.

Buntine Rocks Sign
Buntine Rocks Sign

Continue on to Buntine and turn at the sign for Buntine Rock as shown in picture above.  Enjoy a beautiful stay searching and finding beautiful wildflowers.

Facilities: Free overnight camping No toilets – Barbecues provided.

View of Camp Area below the Buntine rock
View of Camp Area below the Buntine rock
Ant Orchid
Ant Orchid
Yellow Banksia
Yellow Banksia

Remember, please do not pick our precious and beautiful wildflowers.  Photograph them to keep your memories alive and leave so others can also enjoy this great experience.