Lace Monitor at Free Camp in Queensland

I heard a noise amongst the dead leaves at a free campsite at the Chimneys in Queensland. As I hate snakes, I took off and watched from a distance.  I was shocked at the size of the lizard that appeared before me.  At first, I was relieved to see it was not a snake, although this was six foot long and as I had never seen one before it was scary. This is my second entry for the 7 days of nature challenge.Lace Monitor

These are beautiful, especially as they eat snakes.  Their feet are huge too.  As my husband and I watched we saw more movement and another one appeared through the bushes. This one was slightly smaller and it was missing a piece of his tale. They both wandered around the area in between the campers without bothering anyone.



Scarey Encounter

We nearly trod on this black head python at mary kathleen mine


My first day of the  ‘7 days of Nature Challenge‘  We nearly trod on this Black Headed Python as we strolled up to see the Mary Kathleen Mine.  The mine is well worth a look although, you need to be vigilant and not disturb the residents if possible.