Grey Nomads Stay Safe-Avoid Extra Stress by Staying Home During Major Holidays

Last weekend we celebrated a four day break for Easter and I was thinking about all the traffic on our roads trying to find a way to reduce some of the congestion. Sadly we lost more lives on our busy roads over these holidays.

I thought that if all us grey nomads stayed home during these holidays, it could make a big difference. It would not only keep us safer but it would leave the caravan parks and many other camping spots free for the hard working people that cannot travel any other time to enjoy those precious holidays.

How many times have you heard people moaning because there are no vacancies at the most popular holiday spots? We hear it all the time.

I believe that if we all tried to stay home or with friends it would not only help others to stay safe it would lessen traffic and the load on our busy roads. Let’s face it there are thousands of grey nomads travelling around Australia all year round.

Let me know what all you guys think about that idea. Do you think it would help?

Free Camping – Western Australia – DeGrey River

This is a great place to camp for a few nights, especially for the birdwatcher and those looking to capture beautiful sunrises and sunsets under the bridge. Be cautious as to what time of year you travel up north. This area can be dusty in summer or you could risk becoming bogged during the wetter seasons.

Bridge crossing the DeGrey River
                        Bridge crossing the DeGrey River

Nice areas to enjoy a walk and see a variety of water and other birds.  Park responsibly, check the ground is firm to avoid having to be towed out if it rains.

Camping under the trees in DeGrey River
                                     Camping under the trees in DeGrey River

Facilities available

  • Good Toilet and Disabled toilets
  • Dump point
  • Big Rigs
  • Shade
  • Pet Friendly
  • No Barbecues
  • Satellite TV only

Free Camping – Western Australia – Robe River

Robe River is 1,374 km North from Perth on the North West Coastal Highway. This is another place to camp after a long drive in the North West of Australia. Like with any free camp up North, it is best to get there before lunch to get a good spot.  Enjoy relaxing beside the river and do spot of fishing, although I hope the fish are biting more than when we stopped there.

Beautiful sunsets at  Robe River
                                               Beautiful reflection and sunset at Robe River

I saw someone swimming here although a crocodile was spotted further down the river so, its best to give that a miss. Take a stroll along the river bank and capture images of beautiful birds.

Cows were frolicking in the paddock while others quenched their thirst
Calves were frolicking in the paddock behind while others quenched their thirst

Robe River – North West Coastal H’way

Facilities- 24 Hour Limit

  • Toilets & Disabled toilets
  • No power
  • No Drinking Water – although you can use river water for washing
  • Dump point
  • Satellite TV
  • Fixed Fire places and Barbecues
  • Few picnic tables
  • Big Rigs and drive-through sites

Free Camping at Kyancutta in South Australia

There are some great people that help the travelers by providing either free, donation or cheap stopovers for people wanting to camp at places overnight.

Here is another one at Kyancutta.  This is another town in the wheat belt area which is situated on the Eyre and Todd highways of the Eyre Peninsular.  This town relies on the traveling tourists and the local agricultural people to survive.

Polkdinney Free camp at Kyancutta

In 1928 Kyancutta was the first town to have a fully automated weather station,  which is monitored every three hours and is still operational today.   It is situated behind the local store.

Kyancutta Free camp store

The free camp area is also behind the store, and its memorial park which represents the pioneers of its agricultural settlement. If looking for somewhere to rest your weary head then give this a try.  The store owners are very friendly and will tell you more about the town if you ask.

 scrub Roller with old wagon in background

scrub Roller with old wagon in background

Please support these types of places that supply these conveniences for the budget traveler which helps to keep us all traveling.


Capturing Photos of Beautiful Birds while Travelling

It is amazing the amount of different types of birds we see on our travels in Australia.  The hardest part is we always want a better camera to capture them with.  Especially the little birds they are so tiny. Just when you think you will get a great shot they flit off to another place and you miss out.

This little Kingfisher fell out of his nest in Berri South Australia. My husband caught it in his hat and put it in a hole in tree as the Minor birds were attacking it.  Eventually his mother showed up although we left before we saw her with it.

This little Kingfisher fell out of his nest
This little Kingfisher fell out of his nest

Injured Magpie

We felt sorry for this Magpie as he has injured his foot, and the others kept beating it to the food.

Whenever travelling always make sure you have your camera handy as you never know what you can see to capture memories to last you a lifetime.

Beautiful White Swans

These beautiful white swans were swanning about cleaning themselves after foraging in the undergrowth for food.

Lorrikeet feeding from flowers at Bluewater creek

We stayed for a couple of nights at the Bluewater Creek overnight stop in Queensland.  While there we saw many varieties of birds like the Lorrikeet above and Honeyeaters, Kookaburras and numerous other smaller birds.  Can highly recommend stopping there for a few days.

Talking Pelican at Cammoweal

If your looking for a great camping spot in Queensland then Camooweal is a great choice.  There is plenty of space where you can camp beside the river. An added bonus is the beautiful water birds that visit the area.  Plus it will not cost you a cent to stay for a few nights either, so this helps with travelling costs.

Quenching their thirst

These little guys below were looking for a drink at a water tank at one of the rest areas before Kiama.

Spotted this eagle with two others this trip 2015 near Baladonia
Spotted this eagle with two others this trip 2015 near Baladonia

The Wedge-tailed Eagle is Australia’s largest bird of prey.  Their wingspan is close to 3 meters wide and over 1 meter long. At the same time these are not the heaviest birds of prey.

This goshawk was feeling the heat in Berri SAustralia
This goshawk was feeling the heat in Berri South Australia

Like us the heat effects our beautiful birds too.  This Goshawk can be seen with mouth open gasping for air.


If you are a bird watcher then here are more photos of other birds we have seen on our travels in Australia 

Camping and Campfire cooking essentials

Before you go camping on your next holiday there are a few things you need to make sure you don’t leave behind.  There is nothing worse than arriving at your campsite and find that you have left your matches, camp oven or even your torch.

If you have left any of the things behind, your weekend will be a big disappointment.  Therefore the safest way of making sure that you have everything is to make  two lists. You want to have  a “to do” list of everything you need to do before you leave. Plus a “Take list”.  Then you can tick them all off as you pack or do the things on your lists.

Always make sure that you take enough water to your campsite as many places do not cater for excess water.

To Do List

  • Cancel the paper, if going away for any length of time.
  • Turn off excess powered items
  • Charge up all your electronic, camera, laptops, phones and whatever else needs charging

Take List

  • Matches
  • First aid kit
  • Torches
  • Lighting
  • camp oven
  • enough water
  • Bedding
  • Cook Stove with enough gas

This is only a few things to give you an idea on things to do and take with you.

Traveling with Solar Panels – Leave the Generator Home

If you have ever been kept awake listening to the drone of a generator then you will know why I love traveling with solar panels and leave the generator home.

I suppose if I was honest, generators do have a place when traveling. You can recharge your batteries, and use your air-conditioner and microwave, but the smell of petrol fumes and the noise really turns me off. I love camping at free camping sites and getting away from the cities.

When using solar panels you can still charge up your phone and computer through an Invertor, although you cannot use the air con nor the microwave.

If you have solar panels fitted on the roof of your caravan and car and have a couple of batteries to hold the charge you will not need to use a generator. Plus it will give you enough power to last several days, using it for lights and TV.

Therefore if you require the added comforts of airconditioning and microwave cooking, then you will have to carry a generator with you. Gee why would you want that when you are out in the beautiful fresh air. Start the open fire and cook on that out in the fresh air, you cannot beat the taste of camp fire cooking.

To learn more ways and reasons to use solar panels then continue reading