Animals and Insects Around Our Home

This one lost his way and waddled its way down our street.  Sat for quite a while checking the street out.  Must have been someones pet as very friendly. It hung around for a couple of days then disappeared again.  Hope it found its way home again.

Visitor in our Street

This is one of our friendly spiders that hang about under our patio. It helps to keep the flies down, which we do not mind at all.  Although, I wish it would eat faster as have lots hanging around outside.

My Friendly spider

These two big black stray cats live in the rocks under the railway line near our home. They are huge and I assume they live on our beautiful birds and other smaller animals.  Such a shame.  They certainly do not go hungry that’s for sure.



The Importance of Family

I understand that every human being is different. We all have different ideas, and we all show or hide our feelings in different ways. Which is understandable, although I still believe that family is very important.

You don’t have to see them all the time, just knowing that they are there and care is also important.  Mother’s Day often brings families together too, when nothing else does.

Yesterday, I was surprised by a courier pulling up to our house.  I was expecting a parcel but the driver was different.

Mothers day flowers 1

This was a beaut surprise, although I should have expected it too.  Simply because my daughter loves to send me beautiful flowers and yes she said I was not allowed to eat the chocolates until today.  Which so far I have not broken into them.  Still plenty of time, though.  Thank you so much, Sharon, for caring.  I also received an SMS from our Son too which showed that he cared.

Spiny Ant Eaters are Not Harmful

Spiney Ant eater at Port Pirie S aoustralia

This is my day 3 of my ‘7 days of nature challenge’ We found this little guy hiding among the growth at a Caravan Park in South Australia. They eat ants, hence the name. Although, they will not hurt you, those spikes are there for a reason to protect them from predators.   They are really cute little guys, and yes, those spikes are sharp so be careful.

As hard as we tried we could not get a photo of his face, which was disappointing. He kept it hidden.


Lace Monitor at Free Camp in Queensland

I heard a noise amongst the dead leaves at a free campsite at the Chimneys in Queensland. As I hate snakes, I took off and watched from a distance.  I was shocked at the size of the lizard that appeared before me.  At first, I was relieved to see it was not a snake, although this was six foot long and as I had never seen one before it was scary. This is my second entry for the 7 days of nature challenge.Lace Monitor

These are beautiful, especially as they eat snakes.  Their feet are huge too.  As my husband and I watched we saw more movement and another one appeared through the bushes. This one was slightly smaller and it was missing a piece of his tale. They both wandered around the area in between the campers without bothering anyone.


Reducing Our Road Toll – Yet TV Advertisers Promote Bad Driving

Every week we see where people are killed on our roads, often caused by speed, drink drivers or inattention to what is happening on our roads.

I am continually frustrated having to watch irresponsible adverts on our Television every day.  The Youi Insurance adverts that show people jigging around behind the wheel of their car singing and looking everywhere but at the road.  This shows no regard for any responsibility of drivers while driving a motor car,

Then there is the other advert where a truck drops a large pipe and the ute drives through the centre of it and then tows it and catches up with the semi-driver to tell him he has dropped something.  I know it’s done to show the power of the vehicle, but what sort of example is it setting for our younger generation.

It shows that it is okay to act stupid while behind the wheel of any vehicle.

Youi is supposed to represent an insurance company.  If that is the example they set then I would never insure with them.

What is your thoughts regarding this type of advertising?