Free Camping – Western Australia – DeGrey River

This is a great place to camp for a few nights, especially for the birdwatcher and those looking to capture beautiful sunrises and sunsets under the bridge. Be cautious as to what time of year you travel up north. This area can be dusty in summer or you could risk becoming bogged during the wetter seasons.

Bridge crossing the DeGrey River
                        Bridge crossing the DeGrey River

Nice areas to enjoy a walk and see a variety of water and other birds.  Park responsibly, check the ground is firm to avoid having to be towed out if it rains.

Camping under the trees in DeGrey River
                                     Camping under the trees in DeGrey River

Facilities available

  • Good Toilet and Disabled toilets
  • Dump point
  • Big Rigs
  • Shade
  • Pet Friendly
  • No Barbecues
  • Satellite TV only

Free Camping – Western Australia – Robe River

Robe River is 1,374 km North from Perth on the North West Coastal Highway. This is another place to camp after a long drive in the North West of Australia. Like with any free camp up North, it is best to get there before lunch to get a good spot.  Enjoy relaxing beside the river and do spot of fishing, although I hope the fish are biting more than when we stopped there.

Beautiful sunsets at  Robe River
                                               Beautiful reflection and sunset at Robe River

I saw someone swimming here although a crocodile was spotted further down the river so, its best to give that a miss. Take a stroll along the river bank and capture images of beautiful birds.

Cows were frolicking in the paddock while others quenched their thirst
Calves were frolicking in the paddock behind while others quenched their thirst

Robe River – North West Coastal H’way

Facilities- 24 Hour Limit

  • Toilets & Disabled toilets
  • No power
  • No Drinking Water – although you can use river water for washing
  • Dump point
  • Satellite TV
  • Fixed Fire places and Barbecues
  • Few picnic tables
  • Big Rigs and drive-through sites

Free Camping – Western Australia – Mary Pool

Mary Pool is a great overnight camping spot to stay for one night or several.  Enjoy great walks and capture photos of some beautiful birds.  When visiting up North you have to be aware of the change in weather.  These areas can flood without much warning.  We were lucky on our last visit, as it flooded a couple of weeks before we arrived.  A helicopter flew in to warn people of an impending flood.

They had the choice of leaving or staying, many left and others stayed.  One particular motorbike rider decided to leave although he must have left it a bit late as he had to be rescued, although his bike was worse off.

When we left after a few nights stop, the water had almost disappeared. Just a trickle across the water crossing.



Crossing Mary Pool when flood had dropped
Our van Crossing Mary Pool when flood had dropped


One time when we stopped there were over one hundred caravans, tents, and mobile homes camped here.  It is a great place to relax and enjoy nice walks.

Free Camp Site at Mary Pool WA
Lovely campsite with loads of space to spread out


While enjoying your walk, don’t forget to take the camera and capture many photos of the beautiful birds.

We saw this Beautiful Great Bower bird eating a banana skin in the tree.
We saw this Beautiful Great Bower bird eating a banana skin in the tree.


  • Toilets/+Disabled Toilets
  • Free overnight stop
  • No Power
  • Water in River only
  • Bird watching.
  • Interesting Walks

Wildflower Trip Stage 1- Perth to Buntine Rocks

Travelers flock to Western Australia to see our beautiful wildflowers from all over the world.   The best time to see these will depend on the weather, usually from July to November although this year a few have already made there appearance. Thousands of people travel in their mobile homes from the Eastern States every year to capture some of these with their camera.

We spent weeks enjoying a budget trip through these wildflower areas a couple of years ago. So I thought I would share these with you.

Look out for the many different varieties of Wattles
Look out for the many different varieties of Wattles on your drive

Perth to Goomalling 

Before you leave why not boil the kettle and fill up your thermos with some hot coffee and a batch of freshly cooked scones.  That will save you spending money at the roadhouses.  Now head up the Great Eastern Highway up Green mount through Mundaring and into Northam.

Beautful Bright Colors
Beautiful Bright Colors

Once there take a rest next to the Avon River and enjoy your coffee and scones.  Capture photos of the beautiful white swans and many other birds.

Now head off towards Goomalling along the Northam – Pithara Road. Have a look around the lovely town of Goomalling. If you have never been through here before and prefer to stop the night they have a great Caravan park and reasonable rates. Powered sites $30 pn (concession $20 pn) Un powered sites $15 pn (concession $10 pn)

Outside Goomalling Station
Outside Goomalling Station

Goomalling to Buntine Rocks

Continue heading north to Wongan Hills which is the start of the wildflower areas. You are now approximately 180 k’s from Perth.  At different times 1400 species of wildflower and shrubs can be seen here with 24 which are unique to Wongan Hills only. If staying at Caravan park you may want to check out the famous Christmas Rock Trail.

Powered sites $24  un-powered $20.  Extra discounts for Caravan club members. If not stopping the night continue on after a refreshing coffee along the road north through Dallwallinu.  Turn left onto the Mullewa – Wubin Road and follow the directions up to Buntine and the beautiful Buntine Rocks.

Buntine Rocks Sign
Buntine Rocks Sign

Continue on to Buntine and turn at the sign for Buntine Rock as shown in picture above.  Enjoy a beautiful stay searching and finding beautiful wildflowers.

Facilities: Free overnight camping No toilets – Barbecues provided.

View of Camp Area below the Buntine rock
View of Camp Area below the Buntine rock
Ant Orchid
Ant Orchid
Yellow Banksia
Yellow Banksia

Remember, please do not pick our precious and beautiful wildflowers.  Photograph them to keep your memories alive and leave so others can also enjoy this great experience.

Free Camping- West Australia – Corrigin – George Rock

Free Overnight Camping
Free Overnight Camping

Great place to camp free overnight.

Gorge Rock Reserve is situated approximately 20k’s East of Corrigin Western Australia. This area once a thriving place used as a social meeting place by the local farming communities.

Old Swimming Pool
Old Swimming Pool

Natural swimming pool

A swimming pool was built holding 600,000 gallons of water.  Evaporation in summer resulted in a bore being put down on the south side.  This pool had its own diving board at the deep end plus toilet and change room facilities. Local children and families enjoyed this facility until Corrigin built their own Olympic Swimming pool.

No one is allowed to use the old rock pool these days.

The Gorge Rock Hall

The old hall was originally brought from the Goldfields and moved to Gnerkadilling in 1916.  Then again moved to Gorge Rock in 1920.

Dances were held from 1927 – 1930 and people came from all the local communities to enjoy the social dances. Christmas was also celebrated by the local children until it was demolished in March 2007 due to disrepair.


None, nor any bins.  Please take all your rubbish with you and leave it better than you found it.