Create Quilts For People With Cancer With the Help of Comfort Quilts

My Introduction to Helping Others

Are you one of the lucky people that are healthy, yet feel washed out and depressed for a number of reasons.  Did you know that you can stop feeling that way by putting your energies into helping others.  This will not only give you an interest or hobby you will become addicted, and receive so much enjoyment from making things you never knew you could.  At the same time it will help reduce your own depression and give enjoyment to many people suffering from cancer.


Picture shows a  variety of simple beanies from the same pattern with variations

Anyone Can Achieve Anything – if They Try

I saw an advert asking for volunteers to knit or crochet beanies.  Although I enjoyed this I soon became bored by the repetition.  Therefore I asked if they needed help sewing some squares together for the quilters. I thought that it would be simple, although at first I was given pieces of material that needed several borders around.

Pics with borders  I cut out pictures and experimented by using different materials to create borders


Again I did not feel that I was achieving much.  Which led me to do a Google search on how to cut and make quilts. Yes it looked very complicated.  Although, I have to admit that I did not realize it at the time, but I was hooked.

My first attempt was making one for my beautiful dog to keep him warm during the cold nights.  And then I made my first table runner, although the edging did not work too well as it was hard to do the edgings correct.

First table runner

I believe that it is a real learning curve and if you do not try you will never learn anything.  My work is not perfect, although I believe that if I can at least make a few quilt toppers and leave the more experienced people to finish them off then I have achieved a lot.  I know from personal experience how much people suffering from cancer really appreciate all the work that volunteers do.

Cancer sufferers receive a beanie, a scarf, and a quilt to keep them warm and cheer them up while going through their treatment.  If you think you could help to knit or sew something or even donate materials, wool or money to help with the postage costs then please, do not hesitate to contact Comfort Quilts. Every donation would be gratefully appreciated. Comfort Quilts needs more volunteers.

First and fifth Topper

At the same time, if you know someone suffering from cancer then please contact Comfort Quilts and have a talk with them.  Please share this with your friends so they can offer some support.

Ideas of Copper-foil Projects to Make

For years, my husband has dabbled with making different glass projects. He has so much glass stored around our place that I am sure he will never ever use it all but as long as it keeps him happy.

We spent three days earlier this week going through his little shed, just washing it all so he could see what was in there.  Then packed it all back into little shelves and the smaller bits were put into small containers. He has so many different colors and they all look beautiful.  Plus I reckon he would have enough old louvres to re-do an old house.DSC_7275

The above Palace Gardens is one of my favorite ones.  At the moment, he has all his little miniature machinery inside it.  At one stage when we were breeding birds we had our baby quails running around inside when it was used as a terrarium.


This is another one that started out as a terrarium, although we found that damp soil created another problem. It caused corrosion so we turned it into a pot puri holder which smells beautiful.


Candlelight which looks great in our kitchen window when lit at night.


Love the bird on the door of this one.

My husband made a couple of these from free patterns that people put on the net. Or designs that he sees then adds his own ideas with different shapes.

My Husband’s Lead light and Copper foil Clocks

Over the years he has made quite a few different things as a hobby. Always looking to find and try different types of things. Lead lighting and copper foil work is a great hobby although it is not cheap as the glass and tools can be expensive.

If you would like to create these sort of things then I would say go for it, although it is best to start with simple straight line cutting, then try cutting out different shapes and curves.

Another thing is matching the colors in the different kinds to best suit your object. This is not always easy as there is so many different types of glass to choose from.

This is a collection of his clocks

Australian Kangaroo Clock

Calling this one his Australian Kangaroo Clock.This one involves a lot of curve cutting and grinding to form the shapes. This is his most recent copper foil clocks.

Sailing ship Clock

This was his first bigger attempts at making anything with lead which he decided to add the clock after.

copper foil glass clock

Map of Australia and Tasmania Copper foil Clock

Australian Made leadlighting clock

Different Version of Australian Copper foil Clock  Map

Square clock

Easier Straight Lines used for this Copper foil Clock

It is amazing the different things you can make with either lead or copper foil. Or you can combine the two by using lead for the frame and copper foil with the center pieces.

Whatever you decide let me know how you got on.  Will post another one of other things he has made next time.  There are so many different types of hobbies that you can try doing in your own home. If you do not give it a go you will never know what you can do.