Free camping at Ramco Point on the Murray River in SA

There is nothing better than leaving the hustle and bustle of a big city and go camping alongside the Murray River in SA. The air is much fresher and you feel more alive and relaxed.

Ramco Point is one place we spent a few days relaxing beside this beautiful river. Although I tried I could not land a fish of any sort even though we knew they were there because we saw them jumping out of the water.  These were probably just carp but it would still be great to catch one just the same.

I have since found that you need special bait to fish in the river.  I had a few lures, and the old squid.  In fact the fish here are fussy, they prefer the shrimp or worms.  So if you want to catch anything its obvious you must satisfy the appetite of the fish.

Two story Paddleboat

There is always something new to see, whether it is the continual stream of Paddleboats, houseboats speedboats towing skiers or kids on rings or even people trawling for fish behind the old tinny.  You can be assured of a relaxing time if you camp in a tent or in your caravan/RV.Entertainment water sports

No Fires

During the summer months their is a ban on lighting any type of wood fire.

Bird Life

There is an abundance of bird life along and around the river. Pelicans, Ibis, Grass and other Parrots, Miners, Finches, Fairy Wrens hiding in the shrubs and many more.  So if you enjoy watching and photographing birds then this will keep you busy.

Parrot drinking from log     Grass Parrot      pelican landing


  • Toilet
  • Picnic tables and shade
  • Boat Ramp

Camping is not permitted at this spot.  Drive further around the river and pick your own spot.

Beware: Road is not good in wet weather as can be very very boggy. So avoid during wet weather.