Spiny Ant Eaters are Not Harmful

Spiney Ant eater at Port Pirie S aoustralia

This is my day 3 of my ‘7 days of nature challenge’ We found this little guy hiding among the growth at a Caravan Park in South Australia. They eat ants, hence the name. Although, they will not hurt you, those spikes are there for a reason to protect them from predators.   They are really cute little guys, and yes, those spikes are sharp so be careful.

As hard as we tried we could not get a photo of his face, which was disappointing. He kept it hidden.



Scarey Encounter

We nearly trod on this black head python at mary kathleen mine


My first day of the  ‘7 days of Nature Challenge‘  We nearly trod on this Black Headed Python as we strolled up to see the Mary Kathleen Mine.  The mine is well worth a look although, you need to be vigilant and not disturb the residents if possible.