My May: Wild Flowers

We love traveling around Australia and this trip took us up north from our home in Northam through the wildflower towns of Buntine, Perenjorie, Morawa on the way up to Shark Bay. These photos were all taken on the inland roads.

This is the main wildflower that many travellers hunt for because it is not only beautiful but grows exactly like a real wreath that you would buy in shops.  It is one of the many wonders of nature. Yes, that is why it is called the Wreath flower.

Wreath flower near Morawa WA

There are also many different types of wattle growing in Western Australia. I loved this one because it has a solid flower and comes in a vibrant yellow.

Beautiful Wattyl

I am not sure but believe this to be the  “Thelymitra villosa” Custard Orchard although it could even be a tiger Lilly.  This one does not have all its petals, so I could be wrong.

Custard Orchard  Thelymitra villosa

There are so many other wildflowers to see, which you can see here May: Wild Flower photography  Challenge

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