Expect the Unexpected In Northern Australia

If you are thinking of exploring Australia then I hope you have several spare months to enjoy its beautiful landscapes and beaches.  Although it is often the unexpected things that can open your eyes to its many dangers too.

Narrow roads, huge machinery, and road trains is a real experience if you normally live in the big cities.  Expect the unexpected on Roads in the North of Australia

In the Northern part of Australia, you will be amazed at the rugged and often desolate countryside.  On some roads, you could often travel 200 k’s and not see another vehicle. Therefore, you need to be prepared and take plenty of water and extra food and fuel.

Deep Ravines and Gorges

Keep an eye open for our beautiful Wedge-tail Eagles.  These may be hovering close to the road or even feeding of the road-kill on the road.  Although, if you are lucky you may see a group of them high up in the trees.  Make sure you have your camera ready when traveling through this beautiful country.3 wedge tailed eagles

Here is part of another family of big birds. Although they had five chicks they were too quick for me to capture them all with my camera.  These birds can also do a lot of damage to your vehicle, just like our Kangaroos if you hit them on the roads.  So drive with caution at all times and return home safely.

Another family of big emus


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