Ideas of Copper-foil Projects to Make

For years, my husband has dabbled with making different glass projects. He has so much glass stored around our place that I am sure he will never ever use it all but as long as it keeps him happy.

We spent three days earlier this week going through his little shed, just washing it all so he could see what was in there.  Then packed it all back into little shelves and the smaller bits were put into small containers. He has so many different colors and they all look beautiful.  Plus I reckon he would have enough old louvres to re-do an old house.DSC_7275

The above Palace Gardens is one of my favorite ones.  At the moment, he has all his little miniature machinery inside it.  At one stage when we were breeding birds we had our baby quails running around inside when it was used as a terrarium.


This is another one that started out as a terrarium, although we found that damp soil created another problem. It caused corrosion so we turned it into a pot puri holder which smells beautiful.


Candlelight which looks great in our kitchen window when lit at night.


Love the bird on the door of this one.

My husband made a couple of these from free patterns that people put on the net. Or designs that he sees then adds his own ideas with different shapes.


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