Frugal Caravanning – Save Money by Making Your Own RV Stabilizer Pads

How many times have you pulled up in your caravan and found one of the stabilizers pads broken or missing altogether? It is so frustrating. The worst thing is you cannot buy one, you have to buy a complete set of four each time. Why do the manufacturers make things that do not last long and always need replacing?

We have bought and replaced our pads several times. Then, we sell the caravan and buy another one, then find we have to buy new stabilizer pads again.

Sand Blasted Plastic Feet Pads


Caravan Plastic sand Blasted foot

 The above picture shows the front worn away from sand-blasting on road

Why do they make these out of plastic? I know it makes them lighter, and we have to watch the extra weight when packing our caravan.

To prevent this from happening, why not make your own from steel and leave a couple of extra tins of baked beans home.  It will save you money.

How to Make Your Own Stabilizer Pads

Broken cradle on Plastic foot

The above image shows the broken hanger which attaches to the leg

If you have a handy husband like mine, then you too can make your own stronger pads.

Yes, it takes a lot of work and patience doing the welding and grinding. The result is well worth the effort.  Especially if have retired,because you will find yourself with time on your hands. Therefore, this will keep you active, doing something instead of sitting around watching TV, reading books or worrying over things that you can not change. Remember, it is important as a senior to keep yourself active.

How to Make Steel Pads

To be honest, he used an old bit of steel with two sides already turned up at the edge. Then, cut two more pieces to make the other sides and welded them on. He then made the two U-shape pieces to hold the bolts and welded them in place.

First rough build

The above image shows the first rough build before grinding and cleaning.


He wrapped insulation tape around the bolt to prevent it from rattling. There is nothing more irritating than little rattles when traveling in a vehicle. It drives you mad.

He then ground and painted with anti-rust paint.  Once it is dry, spray with the color of your choice, we used silver paint.

Test fitting before finishing off

 Testing to make sure it fits right, before the last finish and paint

Now all you have to do is bolt the foot on to the leg and you will never have to replace that worn stabilizer pad again.  Although, you will still have to make three more the same.

TIP: This may not sound nice, although this is a frugal article right? So if you decide to sell your caravan or RV then take these steel pads off and put the plastic ones back on. Now when you buy your new van or mobile home just fit your steel ones on to it, and save money.

Conclusion: If you cannot weld or make these yourself, why not ask a friend to make them for you. In return make something for them. If this option is not available, try a small welding shop. It will cost you less in the end and save you time and money by not having to keep replacing them.



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