Free Wi-Fi -Travelling in the Pilbara in Australia

The worst thing about travelling throughout Australia is the lack of network communication in many areas. Telstra says they have 97% coverage- although I believe that refers to metropolitan areas not way out in the bush.  Optus also has a similar coverage.  Even Dodo has a bit of coverage although many places it does not matter who you are with – there is no coverage at all.

The problem is not having a lack of coverage to talk to friends on Facebook or similar, it is because you or a family member may have an emergency.  While away I had this problem, one of my relations needed a critical operation and they could not contact me.

I was so surprised and pleased while travelling through the Pilbara to find free Wi-Fi coverage at a free campsite. That Shire has used there head and initiative setting up coverage at many free camping sites.  If they can do it, why can’t the other networks and Shires do their bit.

This is the area that you have Wi-Fi coverage

The Orange dot on map shows areas for Wi-Fi coverage
Yellow dots show the locality
The Shire has set up shaded picnic tables for the travelers with the Wi-Fi antenna fitted on the roof.  The best part is that you do not have to sit right close to it either.  The worst thing for us was that we did not realize that we had free Wi-Fi until the second last stop on our trip.  Although it still allowed me to update my computer.  So it was great.
Lovely shaded picnic table with Wi-Fi antenna on top
Lovely shaded picnic table with Wi-Fi antenna on top
I understand that many towns supply free Wi-Fi at their libraries or similar places.  My problem is the Australian Outback without network coverage for emergencies.  If you have found similar places that offer free Wi-Fi please let me know in the comments below.
Beautiful Sunset at on way to Port Hedland
This is one of our beautiful sunsets that we saw while on our way up to Port Hedland

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