Reducing Our Road Toll – Yet TV Advertisers Promote Bad Driving

Every week we see where people are killed on our roads, often caused by speed, drink drivers or inattention to what is happening on our roads.

I am continually frustrated having to watch irresponsible adverts on our Television every day.  The Youi Insurance adverts that show people jigging around behind the wheel of their car singing and looking everywhere but at the road.  This shows no regard for any responsibility of drivers while driving a motor car,

Then there is the other advert where a truck drops a large pipe and the ute drives through the centre of it and then tows it and catches up with the semi-driver to tell him he has dropped something.  I know it’s done to show the power of the vehicle, but what sort of example is it setting for our younger generation.

It shows that it is okay to act stupid while behind the wheel of any vehicle.

Youi is supposed to represent an insurance company.  If that is the example they set then I would never insure with them.

What is your thoughts regarding this type of advertising?


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