Modes of Travel: The good old days

I think we are very lucky these days.  There are so many options of different ways of travel, but I have to admit when I see these I still feel a little envious. Never judge your life on how big a house you own or model of car.  Instead, enjoy what you have.  I would be proud to own any of these, although I do not think I could afford them.

I believe that the owner of the vehicles below restored them himself and has traveled all over Australia in them. What a way to go.


This is the way to travel
This is the way to travel- I spotted these as I went up town shopping in Northam


On a Recent trip around Australia 2016 through Kimba we saw this beetle and caravan.

A step back in time
A step back in time


I am sure many of our readers would also love to own one of more of these older style vehicles.  Would you?


4 thoughts on “Modes of Travel: The good old days

  1. Hello Author,
    I really loved short and simple your blog was and you let your pictures speak your story. They did speak a thousand words and how fun camping and travelling can be. I would love to read more of your blogs and keep up with the nice work you are doing here.

  2. Hey author,
    I am always very worried about finding inexpensive places to live in when I travel to another country. It is not easy or safe to live in cheap place. You have made it easy for me to find awesome locations in Australia and I don’t need to worry about traveling to this place anymore.

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