Free Camping- West Australia – Corrigin – George Rock

Free Overnight Camping
Free Overnight Camping

Great place to camp free overnight.

Gorge Rock Reserve is situated approximately 20k’s East of Corrigin Western Australia. This area once a thriving place used as a social meeting place by the local farming communities.

Old Swimming Pool
Old Swimming Pool

Natural swimming pool

A swimming pool was built holding 600,000 gallons of water.  Evaporation in summer resulted in a bore being put down on the south side.  This pool had its own diving board at the deep end plus toilet and change room facilities. Local children and families enjoyed this facility until Corrigin built their own Olympic Swimming pool.

No one is allowed to use the old rock pool these days.

The Gorge Rock Hall

The old hall was originally brought from the Goldfields and moved to Gnerkadilling in 1916.  Then again moved to Gorge Rock in 1920.

Dances were held from 1927 – 1930 and people came from all the local communities to enjoy the social dances. Christmas was also celebrated by the local children until it was demolished in March 2007 due to disrepair.


None, nor any bins.  Please take all your rubbish with you and leave it better than you found it.


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