Ideas to Earn Money While Travelling

We all love travelling right? The trouble is unexpected breakdowns can cause more strain on the pocket that we have not budgeted for. So why not look for little ways to help cover them. You will be surprised how many full time travelers do earn money as they explore new places to visit. With higher fuel prices and motel and caravan park fees rising a little bit extra cash will definitely help.

Ideas to think about

Mobile Key cutting- It is amazing how many times we need to get new keys cut for the house, car, shed or yes even the caravan.  

House sitting – Have you ever thought of caring for someones home and pets while they are on holiday. Not only does this save you money on accommodation, you will help others too.  Plus it is a cheaper way of see your own or other countries.

Hobby- Be creative and make garments, sewn, knitted, crochet, and sell at markets. Doll and baby clothes sell well.

Buy and sell touristy novelties – These take up little room and can be sold from your caravan or at local markets.

Wood burning or Pyrography – Purchase small pieces of flat wood in all sort of shapes, the burn humorous messages and signs on  them.  These sell well especially around Christmas or holidays at markets.

Travel writer– Take beautiful photos of places you visit and point out the most interesting features to see. Best budget deals and places to stay and eat to save money.

Writing articles and blogs online- No this is not a get rich idea, although many people are earning good money in their spare time for a variety of different sites like: Info-barrel. Why not join me at Infobarrel, which is where I dabble at writing about things that interest me.  It is a very helpful and friendly site, especially to new members. Plus the administration is reliable and checks every article of new members until they are confident that you write articles with clear understanding of good English.

You can write virtually about anything on this site as long as the content of article is of good content.  This is one of my articles that I wrote recently: Write for pleasure first and money and Profit will follow

Whatever you do, make sure you find something inspiring to keep you occupied while sitting around having that cup of coffee especially if you are bored or run out of books to read and want to earn a little on the side.


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