Returned Home Safely After an Eventful Four Months of Traveling in Australia in our Caravan


This map shows where we spent our time traveling in Australia
This map shows where we spent our time traveling in Australia

We love traveling and always on the look out to find new places to explore.  We have done the loop a couple of times so this time we decided to go to Adelaide to see the Santos Down under Cycle race.  Alas, we never make plans as they always go astray.  This trip was no different. Watching it on TV was the closest we got to seeing it again.

Paying out good money for poor workmanship

We had a grey water tank installed before we left. We should have done it our self  as we soon found it did not work.  All the water when let down the sink came back up through the shower. Therefore when we  got to Haslam South Australia my husband had to buy extra hoses and a drill and do the job himself.

At Port Julia the winds really started blowing and our awning was damaged. The wind was so strong it even pulled the star pickets holding it down out of the ground.  We spent 3 weeks waiting for the company to open after Christmas before we could have it repaired.

Meeting wonderful people

We enjoyed many hours while waiting for repairs  at many free camps. which sure helped the travel costs. We met several wonderful people while camped at Port Parham.  Which I am sure we will keep in contact for many years to come sharing our travel experiences.


Camped at several places along the Murray River, which is so relaxing. Watching the beautiful paddle boats and houseboats as they cruised by, wishing and dreaming of one day enjoying a trip on one of them.

I loved to hear the sound of the paddleboats
I loved to hear the sound of the paddleboats

Two storey Paddle boat


We were crossing the bridge on the way to Mildura in Victoria when suddenly a young girl threw herself down on the road in front of us.  We could not believe it at first, although my husband ended up yelling get off the b….y road and she must have had second thoughts and disappeared onto the walkway through the middle of the bridge.  We still do not understand why she did it, but when towing a caravan it is not as easy to stop in a hurry.  So she was lucky we did not hit her.

We decided we had had enough after staying with friends in Mildura and headed homewards. At one stage my husband noticed that the temp had risen on the gauges.  We slowed and kept and eye on it. From Port Germain to Port Augusta we added about 12 litres of water.  Thinking the worst we thought we had done a head and of course we started to think of ways of fixing our problem.  As it turned out, luckily my husband changed the new radiator cap for the old one.  Then decided to risk the 2200 k’s (approximate) home.  Thinking if the worst happened we would have to put everything on a truck home.  Luckily we made it home with everything okay.

This trip was shall we say more eventful than our usual trips away.  Although on the whole we still enjoyed it and of course were still glad to return home safe and sound again.


3 thoughts on “Returned Home Safely After an Eventful Four Months of Traveling in Australia in our Caravan

  1. You did have a few mishaps but all is well that ended well. We did the “big lap” in 2010 in a very small Toyota Hiace pop top it was a great trip I blogged about it. I noticed on your map you crossed the Nullabor. Did you enjoy it?

    • Yes sure did. I think we would have crossed the nullabor about 30 times at least. One year we crossed it 3 times because we did a short trip leaving in January 08 then home in march 08 then did the round Australia trip leaving in August08 Which took us 14 months. had fun it was great.

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