Free Camping at Port Parham Foreshore in South Australia

This is another great place to stay where you can relax and enjoy walking along the beach picking up seashells. Although it is not your regular type of beach.  The water is very shallow and disappears each day.  One good thing is that if you love crabs and walking then this is a great place to camp and catch them.

Long way to tow boat out to find the water

This is what they call a jinker that is used to either tow boats out or catch crabs or fish from without getting feet wet. This also gives you an idea of how far out the water is.

So many variations of these.

This is another example of jinker. They drive these by sitting up the top.

How to catch crabs

The downside is that to catch the crabs you need a rake or a pole with a hook on the end. Oh and do not forget to drag a cooler or something similar behind you to put your catch in.  Then all you need is some solid shoes and start walking way out to where the water begins which can be a couple of kilometers or more.  Great to get you in shape after all that Christmas indulging. It is very shallow usually up to about your knees, where you can catch the crabs.

Many of the locals have what they call jinkers, like in the picture above, which they either tow their boats out to go fishing. Some use these to fish from or catch crabs.  The beauty of them is that you do not get your feet wet like the ones using a rake to catch crabs.

fishing and crabbing

Here you can see people fishing on the left and also a couple of other jinkers in the water

Facilities Available at Port Parham

  • Flushing Toilets
  • Free Barbecue, tables and undercover
  • Sporting Club which provide great meals
  • Fresh running tap water

Barbecue area with free barbecueUse of free barbecue facilities

Seafood basket at Pot Parham Sport Centre

Great meals at the Sports centre


4 thoughts on “Free Camping at Port Parham Foreshore in South Australia

  1. its a good spot to camp if you dont want a camp fire cuz regardless of what some sites say NO FIRES ALLOWED we wont be going there again because of that

    • yes i know how you feel but the volunteers that work and supply meals in the workers club more than makes up for that as they supply great cheap meals and very friendly environment

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