Budget camping at Port Julia in South Australia

Port Julia South Australia

Budget camping at Port Julia

Port Julia is on the East side of the Yorke Peninsular with a great budget priced camp spot.  Fees of $10 p/night or $60 per week apply.  They have flushing toilet with fresh drinkable water with no dump point and a nice barbecue area.  Minimum of sites approximately 30.

Port julia Barbecue area

Barbecue Area

The added bonus is there is a good jetty where if you are lucky and the weather is permissible you can try your luck at catching a feed of fish or squid.

The towns people are friendly and helpful. We met a couple that even shared some of their fresh home grown vegetables with us.

Anyone can stop for up to two weeks at any time, in a tent, caravan or RV motorhome.  There is a complete fire ban during the summer months.

The nearest shopping center is at Port Vincent which is fifteen kilometers away. The cafe on the beach has the best fish and chips that I have tasted for years.


6 thoughts on “Budget camping at Port Julia in South Australia

  1. Hello.
    Would you please update the information on your website regarding the Port Julia Campground.
    The site is not a “Caravan Park”, but a Bush Camping site with limited facilities.
    The site is administered by the Port Julia Progress Association.
    Recently the campground facilities have been under significant pressure.
    This has resulted in a restriction to the number of campers that the site will accommodate to 30.

    No Dump Point is available.

    As note above the fees have increased. $10 per night, $60 per week.

    You may direct users of your website to:

    Kind Regards,
    Colleen Bennett
    Port Julia Progress Association

    • Thank you for notifying me of the price increases. We have often enjoyed our stays there plus catching squid down on the jetty below.
      By the way I have never said it is a caravan park. Just budget camping at port julia in South Australia as title suggests . thanks for stopping by. When we get our bus finally fixed we hope to go back and enjoy staying there once more.

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