Free Camping spots at Kimba in South Australia


Entrance to Recreation grounds and Camp spot
Entrance to Recreation grounds and Camp spot

I can highly recommend staying here in Kimba as it is a great place to stop for a few nights to check out the local tourist attractions. Traveling can be expensive what with the costs of fuel, caravan parks that charge too much and of course we all need to eat.  Therefore most travelers look for places that help make their travel less expensive by supplying free overnight stop overs for them.

If that is what you need then Kimba is a very smart town.  They have 3 overnight spots for the tired travelers to camp overnight.  This is great because most people will return the favor by buying their fuel and groceries in towns that help their budget.

Kimba is halfway across Australia, so no matter which way you go this is the place where you know you have traveled a long way and still have a long way to go to get to the other side. It is also the gateway to the Gawler Ranges. It is a beautiful area to explore and has approximately 1050 residents that have decided to make their home here.

Free Camp Sites

Lions Apex Central Park– This is situated next to the swimming pool on Park Terrace.

Facilities– It offers flushing toilets, barbecue and picnic area, playground for the toddlers. Fee- Donation to help with the upkeep.

Recreation Reserve-  This is a great complex that the town should be proud of. Comprising of tennis courts, netball, cricket, basketball and football facilities to suit.

Facilities for camping -Clean Flushing toilets, shower – cost $1 for 3 minutes. Camping fee -Donation

Kids enjoying train ride
Kids enjoying train ride

This is a great place to stop as you can also watch the different sports taking place on different days.

The Gums Rest Area – This is handy to the local supermarket and walking distance to the town.  Close to the railway line and more noisy with passing traffic.

Facilities- toilets  Fee Free

Travelers, remember to look after the towns that look after you.


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