Prepare your House and Garden Before Taking Your Next Trip

If you are thinking of travelling then security of your home while away is an important factor to consider when planning your trip.  It is getting harder than ever to be confident that your home will still be there when you return from a wonderful holiday.  When you see on the news every day how people are being attacked while in their homes, it makes it  even harder still to secure your home if no one is their to protect it.

We have spent many years travelling, and we are still learning new ideas that other travelers have shared.  Therefore I have compiled a few things that you can try to help make your home as safe as possible so you can enjoy your holidays with a little more piece of mind.

Things to do

Garbage: It is best to wait until the garbage man has gone so as not to leave any rubbish laying about. Or you can ask a neighbor to put your rubbish bin out and bring back in for you.

Newspapers: Cancel the delivery of all newspapers.

Mail: Fill in a hold on your mail or have it re-addressed to a reliable person. Place a No Junk mail notice on your letter box. This is a sure sign of no one at home if your letterbox is full of junk mail. Plus talk to the normal deliverer if possible. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your letterbox.

Pay the bills: Pay all your bills before you go and start off with a clean slate.

Garden: Have someone mow the lawns while away and water garden. If going for any length of time place newspapers or cardboard between your plants to prevent the growth of weeds.

Place newspapers and cardboard between plants
Scatter Newspapers and cardboard between plants to prevent weeds from growing
Garden not protected from weeds growing
Garden not protected from weeds growing

Lighting: Set up lighting in your home with timers. A house with no lights showing for a month is a dead give away that no one is home. Set your lights to come on and off in different rooms at different times.  If your home is lit up until midnight every night, then make sure a light is burning in that room until that time.

Blinds: Never close your blinds if you don’t close them when at home.  Instead rig a curtain up so people cannot see inside without making it obvious that no one is home.

Washing: If you have a helpful neighbor ask them to put something on the clothes line from time to time.

House Insurance: Make sure your house and contents are insured.

Notify the Police: It could help if you live in a smaller town to notify the police that you will be away for a while. They could drive past to check.

These things will not prevent or stop the determined burglar, although it may help deter them a bit.

If going away for longer periods of time-

House Sitters

Many people employ a house sitter to stay in their homes these days, while away for lengthy holidays. This can benefit both the house sitter and the home owner.

Benefits the Home owner – This will give the home owner more confidence that there home and pets are being looked after.

Benefits for the House sitter–  Many people enjoy house sitting as it allows them the chance to live rent free – or at least very cheap.  In return they have to keep the house clean and do the odd gardening or mowing the lawns and looking after pets.   This will depend on the individual requirements of the owner.

It also gives the house sitter a chance to see and travel.  Many take this opportunity to travel all over the world living with virtual free rent and accommodation.

Before organizing a house sitter you need to check out their references from other satisfied home owners. Then set out the guidelines so both the home owner and house sitter knows what is required and have it written down and signed on paper.

Hope this helps you to have an enjoyable and happy holiday and keep your home and garden safe.


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