Research your Destination-then Prepare for Your Trip

Where do you want to go?

The first thing when planning any trip is making the decision on what type of trip you choose. Whether you camp in a popular spot in the bush, camp by a river, or tow a van to a new town and stay in a Caravan Park.


Whichever type of trip you decide on, do your research for that area.

  • Is there toilets and showers or will you have to pack your own.
  • Are there shops to stock up on groceries and top up the gas bottles
  • Is there a service station near by
  • How much will it cost to stay overnight- powered  or unpowered sites
  • Do you have to book ahead – Always book in school holidays

Be prepared for your trip

We used to manage a caravan park in Norseman and one day a lady came in and said, “Oh I am so glad we are nearly there”.  I asked her, “Where are you going?”

When she told me that she was going to Sydney, I was shocked. She had left Perth that morning and thought she was nearly there.  She had clearly not done any research or preparation for that trip. She still had 4-5 days more of traveling, depending on how many drivers and how long they drove each day. You need to be well prepared for your trip, no matter where you go. Some places you visit require different things.


Many people think because it is summer they can leave the blankets home.  That is a misconception. While crossing the Nullabor the daytime temperature maybe in the 40’s although the nights are very cold, so pack a blanket and warm shoes and socks.


Make sure you have enough water.  Many of the outback towns rely on their water tanks and these are filled by rain only. Never expect these places to supply you with fresh water free. You need to carry sufficient to water to survive driving through these towns.


When driving long distances, always check where the next fuel stop is and whether you need to carry extra fuel to make that distance.  There have been times when travelling that it says the next fuel stop is 150 k’s, check if you are looking at a recent map.  Like anything businesses close and go out of business.  Make sure you have recent maps and directions.

Wood and Fires

If you are like us you will love to cook over an open fire. Again do your research, ask if fires are permitted, especially in the summer.  You may need to take your own as some places have a ban on collecting wood in their area.

Now that you have all that under control its time to start packing. I will leave that for another day.

Above all have a great holiday and drive safely.

Think about having fun travelling in your retirement



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