Experience Traveling in the Outback

Outback travel is so different to driving on the open road from town to town. Can you imagine driving for an hour or more without seeing another vehicle in that time. That is what outback travel could be in different places in the Australian Outback.

Not all of it is so desolate although there are definitely no shops to pop into along many outback roads. You could literally bump into a Kangaroo, Cow or even an Emu crossing the road without any warning you can hit it.

Many of these roads, are not what you would even call a road a virtual track would better describe it. You have to check the weather too as in the rainy season you could come across flooded areas and be stuck there for weeks on end. That is in the worse scenario.

We recently did a trip from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory to Port Augusta in South Australia. We had a great time. We did this in a Jayco 22ft Caravan and towed with a Nissan with a chevy motor. Not everyone would take their caravan over some of these roads. We had no problem although we did take it easy. In fact we did more damage on the Queensland roads on the next part of our trip.

We traveled the Oodnadatta track and the Plenty Highway. Traveled most of the way around Australia twice now and both times where possible we zigzagged across the states the first time and then coastal trips the second time.  Other trips over to Queensland we mixed it around changing and searching for different and interesting spots to see that special something different.

Algebuckina Bridge

Donkey Water Heater                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Painted Desert north East of Coober Pedy

Donkey Water Heater at FarinaPainted Desert


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