Traveling with Solar Panels – Leave the Generator Home

If you have ever been kept awake listening to the drone of a generator then you will know why I love traveling with solar panels and leave the generator home.

I suppose if I was honest, generators do have a place when traveling. You can recharge your batteries, and use your air-conditioner and microwave, but the smell of petrol fumes and the noise really turns me off. I love camping at free camping sites and getting away from the cities.

When using solar panels you can still charge up your phone and computer through an Invertor, although you cannot use the air con nor the microwave.

If you have solar panels fitted on the roof of your caravan and car and have a couple of batteries to hold the charge you will not need to use a generator. Plus it will give you enough power to last several days, using it for lights and TV.

Therefore if you require the added comforts of airconditioning and microwave cooking, then you will have to carry a generator with you. Gee why would you want that when you are out in the beautiful fresh air. Start the open fire and cook on that out in the fresh air, you cannot beat the taste of camp fire cooking.

To learn more ways and reasons to use solar panels then continue reading


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