Things to know before Buying a Caravan

Are you thinking of buying a caravan? If so, then you may be interested in reading some of these ideas before spending your hard earned money. A caravan may look great when you walk through it although, living in it could be a nightmare for the unwary.

There are many things you need to consider before purchasing a caravan. Whether  the van is for the ocasional holiday or one to complete your dreams of traveling around Australia in, you still need to choose wisely.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a caravan:

  • Would you like an island double bed or East – West beds
  • Would you prefer single beds
  • Do you want a complete oven or grill and stove top
  • Would you prefer more lounge seats or extra cupboards
  • Would you be content with a shower/toilet in one or an Ensemble
  • A three way fridge or a compressor one run by solar panels

An Island bed gives you room to walk around it with ease.  An East-West bed provides limited access. If you are tall you may need the extension cushion, and when this is used it makes it hard to walk around the bed unless you have a slide out in your van.

Seating– can make a huge difference depending on your needs. Large lounge seats take up more room with storage underneath, although they are often hard to access.  You may prefer one lounge and more cupboards which are easier to open giving you more bench top space too.

Solar panels – these when mounted on the roof of your van, will save you having to drag out the noisy and smelly generator.  Although you still need to instal extra batteries to store the power they create.

Pros and cons of buying new or Secondhand vans

It is nice to design a brand new caravan to your specifications if you are not working on a budget.  Although the majority of manufacturers only give a twelve month waranty.  You need to be aware that many warranties are not that great either.

A new caravan will decrease in value by about fifteen thousand dollars twelve months after you buy it.  Therefore, make sure you buy one that suits all your needs as it will be an expensive lesson if you are not comfortable in the one you buy.

Whereas a secondhand van, will cost you a lot less to buy. If something is going to go wrong, it will normally happen and be fixed in the first 2 years.  Therefore buying a second hand van can often be a better investment than a new one. Plus these are easier to sell and often without any loss of value if you look after it.

Check the tow-able weight of your vehicle

Know your towing limit before buying a van.  This will regulate the size of the caravan you can buy.

I hope this article will help you to know what to look for when choosing the best van for your next travel holiday experience.


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