Need to know Information on Towing a Caravan Safely

These are things a caravaner needs to learn before setting of on their holiday. We all need to be careful when towing a caravan. Sway bars could prevent your caravan from moving about on the road.

How many times have you seen a vehicle with the caravan at an odd angle behind the vehicle.  In many cases it is because they have not loaded the weight evenly.  Although it could be because the tow hitch is not right.

Did you know that if your caravan and car  are overweight and you have an accident then you may not be insured. This could prove to be very costly, so you need to be aware of this. Plus in some places caravans when traveling in Australia have been stopped, if they are over weight they have to unload on side of road until legal weight before continuing on their journey.

That could mean the boat on the car, your tools, barbecues or anything at all.  Can you afford to lose these items.

For tips on Choosing and cleaning your caravan     


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