Tips for your First Camping Trip

If you are planning your first camping trip and not sure what type of camping equipment to buy then this article may be of interest to you. Having a budget does not mean you cannot have a great camping trip.

In many cases your first trip will be the best so create memories of this new exciting experience, to cherrish forever.

What you will need depends on the type of vehicle you have.  For instance if you have a station wagon, panel van or a Toyota hi-ace van then you could actually sleep in those and buy a small tent to store your bits and pieces in.  Or you could do the reverse, store your gear in a car or any of the above and sleep in the tent.

Tent options

You need to buy one that has room to move in. It needs to be waterproof yet cooler in the heat.  Therefore one with an extra cover over the top will allow air to circulate between the two sections.

Choose one that has an annexe roof under which you could cook or just relax in the shade.  This could also be used to hook onto the back of a station wagon to give you more protection.

Remember select something that will last and not take up too much room in your vehicle. You may prefer a roof top tent so you are not on the ground.

Sleeping Bags

If you are a couple then buy two single sleeping bags that unzip and rezip into a double sleeping bag.  By doing this you can still use them for singles when situations change. If you need extra comfort buy a foam roll to lay underneath.

Cooking Stove

You could buy a small barbecue if you have room otherwise a double camping stove is the most servicable. You will still need a bottle of gas which ever one you select.

Plastic storage containers

These are ideal to pack your food and cooking supplies or clothing. If you buy the stackable ones they will save more space and if sleeping in the car you can put them outside or underneath.


Check the weather forecast before leaving, although not reliable so pack clothes that you can mix and match. Jeans are heavy and take longer to dry when washed so keep that in mind. Drip dry clothes are ideal for camping. Pack strong shoes if hiking anywhere.

Small Solar Panel

If you can afford it try and buy a small solar panel.  You can use that to charge up your phone or even use for a light at night.


Where possible take dry foods, pasta and packet soups, vegies etc.

First Aid Kit

This needs to have the basics, bandaids, bandages,disinfectant, burn cream,panadol and scissors.

Must have items

  • Matches
  • Torch
  • batteries

Right now all you have to think about is where to go. This os course will depend on the type of camping trip you want.  Camping beside the river and fishing, swimming, or just laying outside reading a book.  The choice is yours so make this a trip to remember.

And to do that you need to take the camera to capture all those magic moments.


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