No More Restless Leg Problems

If you have ever suffered from restless legs then I have the solution. I have suffered ftom this for many years and believe me I have tried everything.

I have tried manesium with and without tumeric 2 tablets a day. Useless.

Tried rubbing vicks into my legs- that helped a bit.

I tried restlegs spray from the chemist-failed.

I also used yo take panadol each night to try to get some relief ftom those crawling sensations and sleep.

After spending everynight without any relief and not being able to sleep hardly at all I was really fed up.

So I went to my doctor again, only this time I told him I was not leaving until he  gave me something.

He gave me a prescription for Sifrol.

I have slept like a baby ever since.

So if you have this problem then I suggest you get dinkum with your doctor too and get some relief. I just wish my doctor had done something earlier.


Create Quilts For People With Cancer With the Help of Comfort Quilts

My Introduction to Helping Others

Are you one of the lucky people that are healthy, yet feel washed out and depressed for a number of reasons.  Did you know that you can stop feeling that way by putting your energies into helping others.  This will not only give you an interest or hobby you will become addicted, and receive so much enjoyment from making things you never knew you could.  At the same time it will help reduce your own depression and give enjoyment to many people suffering from cancer.


Picture shows a  variety of simple beanies from the same pattern with variations

Anyone Can Achieve Anything – if They Try

I saw an advert asking for volunteers to knit or crochet beanies.  Although I enjoyed this I soon became bored by the repetition.  Therefore I asked if they needed help sewing some squares together for the quilters. I thought that it would be simple, although at first I was given pieces of material that needed several borders around.

Pics with borders  I cut out pictures and experimented by using different materials to create borders


Again I did not feel that I was achieving much.  Which led me to do a Google search on how to cut and make quilts. Yes it looked very complicated.  Although, I have to admit that I did not realize it at the time, but I was hooked.

My first attempt was making one for my beautiful dog to keep him warm during the cold nights.  And then I made my first table runner, although the edging did not work too well as it was hard to do the edgings correct.

First table runner

I believe that it is a real learning curve and if you do not try you will never learn anything.  My work is not perfect, although I believe that if I can at least make a few quilt toppers and leave the more experienced people to finish them off then I have achieved a lot.  I know from personal experience how much people suffering from cancer really appreciate all the work that volunteers do.

Cancer sufferers receive a beanie, a scarf, and a quilt to keep them warm and cheer them up while going through their treatment.  If you think you could help to knit or sew something or even donate materials, wool or money to help with the postage costs then please, do not hesitate to contact Comfort Quilts. Every donation would be gratefully appreciated. Comfort Quilts needs more volunteers.

First and fifth Topper

At the same time, if you know someone suffering from cancer then please contact Comfort Quilts and have a talk with them.  Please share this with your friends so they can offer some support.

How to Check for Gas Leaks in Caravan

How many times when travelling have you thought you smelled gas.  If you have a gas leak then you could be in big trouble.  I have personally seen two fires because of a gas leak.

One was in Coral Bay when a brand new van pulled in and the husband was on the roof of his van attaching his annex.  To this day I am not sure what happened exactly whether the wife opened the front window (letting in the leaking gas from bottle outside).  The thing is there was a big bang and the husband was catapulted off the roof. Within minutes the van was completely burned to the ground.  The wife was taken away by the flying doctor.

Another time a Volkswagen’s roof lifted with the force of the explosion in a caravan. Luckily no one was hurt in this one.

Beware when opening front window of caravan if your gas bottles are on the tow hitch. Gas will enter through that open window if you have a leaky gas bottle.

Checking for Gas Leaks

These accidents can be avoided if owners of caravans and RV’s took the time to check for leaks each time they change their gas bottles.

Brush for checking gas leaks

How to  improvise when traveling  if you find you left your brush home.

What you need

  • Liquid soap
  • 1/2 Cup  Water
  • Brush

Mix small amount of liquid soap into cup with water.  Dip brush into this mixture and dab all over the leads and fittings on your gas bottles.  If bubbles appear you know you have found the leak.  Tighten all fittings until no bubbles appear when more liquid applied.

Personal Experience

We were camped at a free camp many years ago when a guy next to us decided to check his new gas extension.  The trouble was he decided to do it with a small bun-son burner. We took off very quickly.  Never ever use a light of any sort to check for gas leaks.


Grey Nomads Stay Safe-Avoid Extra Stress by Staying Home During Major Holidays

Last weekend we celebrated a four day break for Easter and I was thinking about all the traffic on our roads trying to find a way to reduce some of the congestion. Sadly we lost more lives on our busy roads over these holidays.

I thought that if all us grey nomads stayed home during these holidays, it could make a big difference. It would not only keep us safer but it would leave the caravan parks and many other camping spots free for the hard working people that cannot travel any other time to enjoy those precious holidays.

How many times have you heard people moaning because there are no vacancies at the most popular holiday spots? We hear it all the time.

I believe that if we all tried to stay home or with friends it would not only help others to stay safe it would lessen traffic and the load on our busy roads. Let’s face it there are thousands of grey nomads travelling around Australia all year round.

Let me know what all you guys think about that idea. Do you think it would help?

Animals and Insects Around Our Home

This one lost his way and waddled its way down our street.  Sat for quite a while checking the street out.  Must have been someones pet as very friendly. It hung around for a couple of days then disappeared again.  Hope it found its way home again.

Visitor in our Street

This is one of our friendly spiders that hang about under our patio. It helps to keep the flies down, which we do not mind at all.  Although, I wish it would eat faster as have lots hanging around outside.

My Friendly spider

These two big black stray cats live in the rocks under the railway line near our home. They are huge and I assume they live on our beautiful birds and other smaller animals.  Such a shame.  They certainly do not go hungry that’s for sure.



My May: Wild Flowers

We love traveling around Australia and this trip took us up north from our home in Northam through the wildflower towns of Buntine, Perenjorie, Morawa on the way up to Shark Bay. These photos were all taken on the inland roads.

This is the main wildflower that many travellers hunt for because it is not only beautiful but grows exactly like a real wreath that you would buy in shops.  It is one of the many wonders of nature. Yes, that is why it is called the Wreath flower.

Wreath flower near Morawa WA

There are also many different types of wattle growing in Western Australia. I loved this one because it has a solid flower and comes in a vibrant yellow.

Beautiful Wattyl

I am not sure but believe this to be the  “Thelymitra villosa” Custard Orchard although it could even be a tiger Lilly.  This one does not have all its petals, so I could be wrong.

Custard Orchard  Thelymitra villosa

There are so many other wildflowers to see, which you can see here May: Wild Flower photography  Challenge

The Importance of Family

I understand that every human being is different. We all have different ideas, and we all show or hide our feelings in different ways. Which is understandable, although I still believe that family is very important.

You don’t have to see them all the time, just knowing that they are there and care is also important.  Mother’s Day often brings families together too, when nothing else does.

Yesterday, I was surprised by a courier pulling up to our house.  I was expecting a parcel but the driver was different.

Mothers day flowers 1

This was a beaut surprise, although I should have expected it too.  Simply because my daughter loves to send me beautiful flowers and yes she said I was not allowed to eat the chocolates until today.  Which so far I have not broken into them.  Still plenty of time, though.  Thank you so much, Sharon, for caring.  I also received an SMS from our Son too which showed that he cared.